We are a law firm specialized in constitutional, administrative, civil and criminal litigation, and in compliance, investigations, anticorruption, anti-money laundering and corporate governance.

We are a specialist law firm 

Is to provide the highest level of specialization and effectiveness in our core practices, by offering our clients comprehensive solutions in strategic matters relevant to their businesses, executives and governing bodies.

We have a team of lawyers with diverse and first-rate experience in the Supreme Court of Justice, the Federal Government, multinational companies and in top law firms in Mexico and in the United States of America.

We have the highest academic and professional credentials. Our outstanding litigation practice team complements and strengthens the investigations we conduct for criminal and administrative accountabilities, and other compliance specialized topics, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and corporate governance.

Is comprehensive in order to be able to analyze and handle matters that have an impact in different legal scenarios. Thus, we combine a preventive with a dispute resolution approach in a multidisciplinary advice that few law firms can offer.

We think that the importance of our practice areas is increasing, and we want to help our clients with solutions to accompany them in their growth, provide value and position them in the long term.
We provide advice in corporate governance and compliance, incorporating corporate social responsibility practices, ESG and risk mitigation.
In corporate investigations we do a holistic analysis of every relevant matter, considering potential administrative and criminal liabilities.
Finally, if it is required, we can activate integral litigation strategies to mitigate criminal corporate accountabilities and to strengthen crime prevention schemes of companies, to demonstrate the existence of an efficient internal control system. 

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